Friday, December 6, 2013

Port Forwarding On PTCL ZXDSL 831CII Modem

Port forwarding allows remote computers (for example, computers on the Internet) to connect to a specific computer or service within a private local-area network (LAN).

In this tutorial I will show you how to forward ports for Remote VPN.

In order to allow remote users to connect to VPN server a port 1723 must be forwarded.

This tutorial is specific for PTCL ZXDSL 831CII Modem, since different model/router have different option and GUI. But the concept will remain same

1. Open up your browser, and in the address bar type
  • You will be asked for User Id and Password just type admin for both options

2. Now from the top Menu click on Advance

3. From Left menu click on NAT

4. From the dropDown menu select PVC7
  • Afrer selecting click on Virtual Server

5. Rule Index : Total 16 rules for port forwarding can be added you can select any free index that is not being use by any other application

Application : Type a short description/name of application for which you are port forwarding

Start Port Number : Enter starting range for port to include in this rule

End Port Number : Enter the end range for port to include in this rule

Local IP Address : Type the IP Address of the PC for which your VPN server is installed

6. Finally Click on Save

You are done you have successfully forward yout ports for VPN server

I hope it was informative for you, and I would like to Thank you for reading.

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