Friday, August 30, 2013


As You already know that PTCL (Pakistan Telecom Corporation Limited) has blocked the access of

Most people use hotspot shield, VPN or other types of proxies to access

Although it allows them to access blocked content but there is also a risk of security breach, as all your data go through a 3rd party server which can be decrypt or trace easily

So In this tutorial I will show you guys how to access without using any proxy server OR Software.

This tutorial will mainly focus DSL technology OR precise PTCL DSL, I haven't tried this on cable-Net .

Ok So lets start

1. Open up control panel and click on Network And Sharing Center

2. On the left side click on Change Adapter Settings

3. Now right click on your LAN connection and click on properties

4. Now select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and than click on Properties

5. Select Use the following DNS server addresses, and enter the following DNS
  • Prefered DNS Server
  • Alternate DNS Server

6. Click on OK, than again OK

Now open up your firefox,OR if it is already opened than restart it and in the address bar type

Remember it's https not http, so if you type http without s than youtube will not open.

Enjoy youtube


Monday, August 26, 2013

System.IO.FileInfo cannot be serialized because it does not have a parameterless constructor.

Today I was working on Web Service in C#, my task was to get total number of files from specific directory their name, extension and than return this information to calling program.
This is the code I wrote for the above purpose

   1:  [WebMethod]
   2:          public FileInfo[] getDirectory(string dir)
   3:          {
   4:              DirectoryInfo objDI = new DirectoryInfo(dir);
   5:              FileInfo[] files= objDI.GetFiles();
   6:              return files;
   7:          }


But On execution I had the following error

Basically this error is straight forward the purpose of XML serialization is to encode the data so that it can be send over the internet, and at the receiving end can be decoded easily.

Now to re-create the data, the receiving end would call the default constructor, since no default constructor(parameter less) is defined, the data cannot be re-created, so the compiler is warning that serialization is not possible

To fix this error I created a custom class, assign data to the class than add the class in list, Finally return the list.

   1:  [WebMethod]
   3:          public List<myClass> getDirectory()
   4:          {
   5:              List<myClass> objlist = new List<myClass>();
   6:              DirectoryInfo objDI = new DirectoryInfo(@"d:\magicdisc");
   7:              FileInfo[] files = objDI.GetFiles();
   8:              myClass c;
   9:              foreach (FileInfo f in files)
  10:              {
  11:                  c = new myClass();
  12:                  c.Name1 = f.Name;
  13:                  c.Extension = f.Extension;
  14:                  objlist.Add(c);
  15:              }
  16:              return objlist;
  17:          }

This way you can return all those classes which can't be serialized.

If you have further queries than do comment.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Optical TDM Advantages & Disadvantages

OTM was introduced because TDM Time Division Multiplexing couldn't be use for Optical Links


  • OTDM requires the use of very short optical pulse because these network operates at a rate of 100 Gbps & above
  • At such high rates transmission properties of the optical fiber interact with optical signal
  • In particular , dispersion has a great impact on distance bandwidth product OR BL product

  • OTDM is synchronization dependent
  • To maintain synchronization at rate of 100 Gbps & above is challenging
  • Lack of synchronization may result in collision on the channel
  • TDM frame structure dictates the transmissions & reception of client traffic & thereby destroy the transparency against different protocol
  • Protocol transparency is a problem in OTDM network
Three types of networks

      1.Transparent DWM Network

A network which doesn't require any OEO Optical-Electric-Optical conversion

      2.OPAQUE DWM Network

A network which completely blocks a signal

      3.Translucent DWM Network 

 A network which doesn't block the signal, signal is sent using optical bypass

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hello everyone,

In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how you can install Zombie mode for counter strike

For this you will need the
  • Zombie mode Plague I'm using V4.07 in this tutorial (Download from HERE)
File is password protected, password is "taqi1234", withuot quote.

Now follow these steps

1. After downloading the plague, Install it
(When ask for location to install, you can choose any location, but don't install it in CS directory) 

2. After installation open the directory where you have install the zombie plague

3. Go inside the valve folder

4. Here you will find the folder name cstrike, copy this folder

5. Now navigate to the directory where your cs is installed
for me it is C:\Program files\Valve\Cstrike

6. Now Paste the folder which you copied in step 4

7. You will be warned that folder already exist, just click on Yes

You have now successfully installed Zombie mode for CS

To check if you have done every thing correctly, Start Counter Strike, and select any map and than start it, zombie mode will be loaded automatically

If you are still having problem, than please post your problem

I hope it was informative for you and I would like to Thank You for reading.

Different Types of Multiplexing Use In Optical Links

In Optical Links multiplexing can be done by the following techniques
  1. TDM
  2. SDM
  3. WDM
In this guide we shall see both advantages and disadvantages of each techniques


  • STDM is being use for digital electronic communication since many decades
  •  However TDM has serioud limitations due to electro optical Bottle Next so optical TDM is a possibility
  • Since TDM is purely a eletronic process using it for Optical signal was not a good idea, so for this purpose we can use OTDM Optical Time Division Multiplexing

  • Channel capacity remains same, unlike WDM where each channel capacity may vary.  

  • In SDM multiple optical fibers are used instead of single optical fiber
  • Multiplexing may be done on multiple parallel optical fibers
  • SDM may be suitable for short distance, using it for long distance can be costly
  • SDM suitables with low cost multimode steps index fiber

  • WDM is the most suitable multiplexing technique for optical fiber as it overcomes the shortcomming of TDM and SDM
  • WDM is equivalent of FDM, where traffic from each client is sent on different frequency
  • In optical WDM network the term wavelength is used instead of frequency but principle remains same
  • Channel capacity can vary, unlike TDM where channel capacity remains same

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What is SONET / SDH Optical Communication

  • SONET is  Synchronous Optical Network
  • SDH is Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
  • SONET/SDH both are ITU (International Telecommunication Union) standards for optical point to point interface that allows
  1. Interconnection of fiber optic transmission systems of different carriers and manufacturers 
  2.  Easy Access to tributary signals
  3.  Direct Optical interfaces at terminals
  4.  Synchronous frame structure and TDM digital traffic and network operations
  • SONET & SDH are based on digital TDM signal hierarchy where a periodically recurring time frame of 125┬Ás can carry payload traffic of various rates
  • Overhead bytes are also included for
  • Error Checking
  • Network maintenance etc
  • SDH support 30 different channels hence it is 1.54 Mbps
  • SONET support 24 different channels hence it is 2 Mbps
  • SDH and SONET both are circuit switching

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How To Change Your Security Identifier (SID) in windows Server 2003

        Today In this post I'm going to show you how can you change your Security Identifier (SID) in windows server 2003

If you don't know your current SID than do check this POST

Before you continue it is strongly recommended to backup your files

1. Download the file from the link below (File is password protected, password is taqi)


2. After Downloading, extract the file

3. Now double click on newsid.exe

4. Click on Next

5. Now depending on your situation you can either choose A random SID, OR you can explicitly specify one, click on Next

6. If you want to change your Computer than than you can do this in this step, Click On Next

7. Finally review your new SID, if you want to automatically restart windows than put check mark and click On Next

depending on your computer speed this process can take long, so be patient, After restart your SID will be changed, you can verify that SID has changed by this method

I hope it was informative for you and I would like to Thank you for reading