Thursday, February 24, 2011

SharePoint: History

Microsoft started working for SharePoint from late 1990's. Before SharePoint, Microsoft released several different products like Site Server, Digital Dashboard etc, and finally by the mid 2000 Microsoft released STS and SPS. this was the first major release in this series.


SPS 2001
SharePoint team services
Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server
Used for collaboration                  
Document management
No enterprise search
Enterprise search
No strict document management

Used for collaboration

The name was only SharePoint but they don’t share any thing between them. They were built on different data storage technologies.

2003 (Microsoft combine these two products)

WSS 2.0
Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003
WSS became the platform product
SPS 2003 was built on the top of WSS
WSS was built on the top of .NET

Framework 1.0

WSS became the platform product

Inconsistencies were in the product because of consolidating two separate products. Like WSS was providing some functionality which SPS 2003 was not providing, however; SPS 2003 was built on the top of WSS 2.0 so it must provide base line functionality provided by WSS 2.0.

WSS 3.0
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
WSS was still the platform product
MOSS 2007 was built on the top of WSS 3.0
WSS was built on the top of .NET
Web content management
Framework 2.0
Enterprise search
User profiles
Document management
BDC (Business Data Catalog)
InfoPath form services
BI (Business Intelligence)

Excel Services

Microsoft renamed the product from SPS to MOSS because new features were added in that release and they were not only related to the portal functionality.
Now it's the 2011 and SharePoint 2010 has been released with lots of changes, enhansments and improvements. I am not gonna talk about it in this post.

Hope you guys like this information.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


For those who are having problem in configuring their Aztech router, now can easily configure it by following some really easy steps.

Before getting started I would recommend you to switch it on and reset it, to avoid any conflict

1. Open your browser, and in the address bar type and press enter

You will see a login page like this

* The default username and password is admin

2. Put username and password and click on log in

After you are logged in to your router, you will see a page something like this

2. Under Advanced move your mouse over WAN and click on New Connection

You will see New Connection configuration page

On this page we can create a new conenction

1. Give your Connection a Name

2. User ID (Put your User ID, if you don't know than contact your ISP)

3. Your password (Put your Password, if you don't know than contact your ISP)

4. If you have copper line Enter VPI=0, else if you have fibre/ONU than type 8

5. If your line is Fibre/ONU than type 35 else 103 if it is copper.

6. Click on submit

7. Click on Connect

8. To make channges permanently, Click on Save Settings

You have now successfully configured your aztech router for internet

Saturday, February 5, 2011


In C language while executing your code you might have encountered an error

Fatal Unable to create output file

This Error means that the comipler is unable to create the output file on the specified path because either it doesn't exist or it is write protected

1. To fix this error open your C Compiler and check the directory setting by going to Options and than Directories
 Note down the output directory

2. Open my computer and browse to your TC folder, and than right click on the folder in which you are trying to create output file, and click on properties. In my case the folder is BIN

4. In the properties, make sure that the read-only option is unchecked click on apply

5. Windows will ask you to confirm changes, Select "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files", and than click on OK

We are done, and you should be able to execute your code without any error. If you are still having problem please post in comment.

P.S. If you are still having problem than please download a working copy of TC from HERE, and Extract this folder in your C Drive, so that the path to your bin folder is C:\tc\BIN

Friday, February 4, 2011


I've had the exact same problem In my Dot Net web application . This issue comes when you are running 64-bit Windows and Microsoft has not written MS Access drivers for  64-bit Windows in Office 2007, the good news is that in this issue has been fixed in  Office 2010, However; if you are running Office 2007 on 64 bit Windows you need to resolved this issue by your own.

What you need to do to get around this issue is you need to download patch which is available at the following location:

Install it and hopefully issue gonna get resolved.