Sunday, February 13, 2011


For those who are having problem in configuring their Aztech router, now can easily configure it by following some really easy steps.

Before getting started I would recommend you to switch it on and reset it, to avoid any conflict

1. Open your browser, and in the address bar type and press enter

You will see a login page like this

* The default username and password is admin

2. Put username and password and click on log in

After you are logged in to your router, you will see a page something like this

2. Under Advanced move your mouse over WAN and click on New Connection

You will see New Connection configuration page

On this page we can create a new conenction

1. Give your Connection a Name

2. User ID (Put your User ID, if you don't know than contact your ISP)

3. Your password (Put your Password, if you don't know than contact your ISP)

4. If you have copper line Enter VPI=0, else if you have fibre/ONU than type 8

5. If your line is Fibre/ONU than type 35 else 103 if it is copper.

6. Click on submit

7. Click on Connect

8. To make channges permanently, Click on Save Settings

You have now successfully configured your aztech router for internet


  1. [Haider]: Nice one

  2. it is driving me to often visit ur blog..nice one!!!i've just follow ur blog...i really hope that u can follow back my freshie blog....

    continue with the impressive tutorial postings! :D

  3. Thank you for liking my BLOG :)

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  4. Ali,

    I just bought Aztec routers.

    Every night before I go to sleep , I keep it ON for downloading via my lap top.The next morning , when I checked it , the internet icon gone internet at all but when I start to check my computer from sleep mode to active...the internet icon turn there anywhere I need to change the setting ? Thank you. Asri

  5. Try this...

    Create a new connection with the setting provided in this tutorial and delete the quickstart connection. Also make sure you have the latest firmware.

    For firmware downloading check aztech ftp