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In oracle you can import and export user's schema i.e. tables and fields. This is important in a situation when you have created the tables on your computer and now want to move them on another computer.

In this tutorial I will first show you how to export the schema of a particular user and than how to import that schema. I will export the schema of user scott, you can use other account as well.

1. Open up your cmd

2. Now type exp scott file=c:\exp_scott.dmp

  • scott is the name of user who's schema I just exported
  • You can change the path and file name according to your need
Now I will create a new account name "ali" and imp this schema in that account, CLICK HERE if you don't know how to create an account in Oracle.

Now in order to imp the schema

3. Type imp fromuser=scott touser=ali file=c:\exp_scott.dmp

  • Replace scott name with the user name, who's schema you are about to import
  • Replace ali with the user name, who is going to imp this schema
  • Replace the path and file name to where you have saved the schema while exporting
You have now successfully imported the schema.

If you have any further queries than please don't hesitate to comment.


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