Thursday, December 5, 2013


   while connecting to oracle other than sysdba you might have encounter an error something like below

ORA-28000: the account is locked

this is because when we install oracle by default all accounts are locked except for sysdba and system account. Now in order to use the locked account, we will first have to unlock it.

ok so in order to unlock the account, you must be connected to oracle you can use either sysdba or system account which are by default unlocked.

1. In SQLPlus type conn / as sysdba, than hit enter now it will ask you for password by default the password is set to sysdba you can simply hit enter or you could type the password both are acceptable.

2. Now type alter user scott account unlock;

Now even though the account is unlocked, but we still cannot use it to connect to oracle, why because we will need to assign a password to this account.

3. type alter user scott identified by tiger;

We have successfully unlock the account "scott" and set it's password to "tiger"

If you have any further queries than please do comment.

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