Thursday, November 4, 2010

InfoPath: ‘The following URL is not valid: http://servername:portnumber/sites/sitename’ error

When you are trying to publish InfoPath form to SharePoint’s site and the above error is driving you nuts because you have confirmed that that the site is being opening from browser and the URL you are providing is valid then what the is happening, the site is up as well then where you made mistake, where things went wrong.
These are the same questions; this is the same feeling I had when I was facing this issue. After searching over internet I figured out that this is happening because I dint created site at the root level.
Which would be at this http://servrname:port#/ location.
The resolution of this issue is to create root site means creating site at this http://servrname:port#/ level.
Try it and get your InfoPath published. Have a nice day J.

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