Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hello, Are you thinking that your LAN speed is slow, if so than you should read this to attain maximum speed from your LAN

1. Right click on My Computer and click properties

2. Now under Hardware tab click on Device Manager

3. Now Double click on the network adopter that you are using.

4. Now under Advance tab, click on Speed & Duplex ( If there is no Speed & duplex, than there could be Media Type or may be Link Speed & Duplex) just click on it.

5. Now from the drop down menu, select 100 Mb full or 100 Mbps Full Duplex

6. Click on OK

Now you can fully utilize your LAN

REMEMBER: In order to achieve full speed, the computer from which you are downloading should also have been setup to 100 Mb full Duplex

By this way you can also limit your LAN speed, just select Half duplex or whatever limit you want

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  1. nice work it is very helpful to maximize my systems lan speed