Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to Publish Web Service In IIS

         In this post I will show you how to publish your web service in IIS so that users on other computer can access it.

In the previous tutorial I showed you how to publish web service in Visual Studio, If you don't know how to do that than please look at this POST first

1. Ok First open up IIS Manager
I'm using IIS version 6.1

2. Now on the left side expand Site Folder than Default Web Site

3. Here You will find a folder name as webservice2, this is the name of my web service, this might be different for you if you set your web service name something else.

4. Now right click on your web service and click on Convert to Application

5. A window will pop-up just leave everything as it as, and click on OK

Now You have successfully published you web service.


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