Monday, September 2, 2013

Advantages of Using a Server Side Technology

The following are the advantages of using Server-Side Technology 

  1. Allows you to run programming languages that are not supported by your browser
  2. Enable browser independent application, without using browser client side programming features suck as using Java applets , ActiveX components
  3. Can provide client with data that is reside only on server but not on client
  4. Page can load faster than with Client side such as Java applet or ActiveX components, because in the end you are actually downloading a page of HTML
  5. It also provide increased security, since your code can never be viewed on browser
With all these advantages it doesn't mean that we should always use Server side technology, for example the workload on your server will increase if your web site become popular and you will need to buy expensive hardware to full fill your viewers requirement, so in that case Client Side Technology will do the trick

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