Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bypass ISP torrent throttle using SSH Tunnel

Hello folks,
                 If your ISP is throttling torrent traffic, and you are finding the answer on how to break it, than you are at the right place.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can bypass ISP throttling and continue to download using your torrent client

Follow these simple steps

1. Create an account  Here

2. Now Download Bitvise SSH tunnelier from HERE
(File is password protected password is 'taqi')

3. After you download the Bitvise SSH tunnelier, it should open automatically, if it doesn't than start it from start menu

4. Type in Host Field

5. Type your Username in UserName Field

6. Type your password in Password Field
(set rest options as shown in picture above)

7. Now goto Options tab

8. select Automatically reconnect

9. Uncheck Open SFTP.

Now we will create the proxy which the torrent client will listen to...

10. Go to Services tab, 

11. Enable Socks/HTTP Proxy forwarding 

12. In listen interface type

13. In listen port you can use any random port number that is not being used by any other application

14. Now click on the login button
 (A Shell will pop-up, keep it running) 

You might be ask about saving profile, so just select Save Profile. This is handy if you don't want to repeat this configuration again and again

Ok now we have to configure the u-torrent Client...

15. go to Option >> preference >>Connection in your u-torrent client

16.  Select Proxy server Type as socks4/socks5

17. In proxy type 

18. In port field enter the port number which you select at step 13

19. Now go to Bittorrent 

20. Set Protol encryption  as Enabled

21. Put Check mark on Allow incoming legacy connections.

22. And Finally but not the least Now click on Apply 

Now you u-torrent client should start downloading the files, if it doesn't than restart it

I hope this was informative for you and I would like to Thank You for reading.


  1. So I have to buy an account at CJB to use this?

    1. No registration is free. But there are some limitation for free account I think

      Can be seen here