Saturday, September 11, 2010


For those who want to get full available bandwidth from their ISP, here is a trick to get it called QoS.

Basically QoS "Quality of Service" is a feature in windows xp or later version of Windows. which reserve 20% of your bandwith for its own use just like "Windows Update"

Now if you don't use Automatic Update, than you may take that reserve bandwidth from Windows for your own use.

To do this :

1. Click on "Start" and than "Run" and type gpedit.msc

A window will open like this:

Under Computer Configuration, expand "Administrative Templates" than expand "Network" and than click on "QoS Packet Scheduler"

Now after clicking on QoS Packet Scheduler, On the Right hand side window double-click on "Limit reservable bandwidth"

By default it is Not Configured, means that it has reserved 20% bandwidth, to get this reserved bandwidth back. Click on Enable, and than put 0 in Bandwidth Limit %., and click OK

You will be required to restart you PC after this.

By this way you can use full bandwidth that is your ISP providing you.

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