Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How To Fix Apache Server No Service Installed


 If you have encounter an error while installing Apache Server like below, than you are at the right place, in this tutorial I will tell you why these error occur and what does these error means.

  • The First error window means that something is interfering with port 80 and it is not letting Apache Server to use this port.
In my case the problem was with the IIS, IIS was already installed on my machine now because it was using the port 80 that's why Apache gave error that it cannot bind the port 80.
  • The Second error window state that after installing Apache, the system could not find service called "Apache2"
In our case because it couldn't bind the port 80, so it didn't register the service

So what is the solution ?? you have 2 options.

1. Disable IIS service (Click to find How)


2. Change your website port to something else in IIS (Click to find How)

If you have any further queries, than please do comment.


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