Friday, October 18, 2013


        You might got stuck in a situation where your windows 7 got corrupted and there is either no cd or cd rom to run recovery or reinstall windows.

Well in this tutorial I will show you how you can repair you windows 7 by using a USB drive

Before you continue, Make sure you fullfill the following requirements.

1. A USB 
2. System should support booting from USB
3. Windows 7 Repair Disk Download from HERE

 Ok So lets start

1.  Open up command prompt
(run it as an Administrator)

n    Now type the following commands

2. diskpart

3. listdisk

This will list down all the Drives connected to your system, Now you have to carefully select the USB drive which you want to use for windows recovery.
In My case the USB Drive is Disk 1, this could be different for you so choose carefully

4. Now type select disk 1

5. Clean

6. create primary partition

7. select partition 1 << again this is the partition number which you choose above

8. active

9. format fs=NTFS

Now Windows will start formatting your USB Drive, this might take some time depending on your drive size

10. Now type assign

11. type Exit

You have successfully format your USB drive, now it’s time to put the recovery files in this Drive
To do this

12.  Extract the Windows 7 Repair Disk files (which you downloaded above) in your USB Drive And you are done

If you have any queries than please do comment


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