Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to make a conference call in PTCL

A. Conference calling is simply a phone call in which three parties can converse over the phone at the same time and it doesn't matter where any of the parties are located at the time. It can be anywhere in the world. A Conference Call service provides instant unlimited automated conferencing calls that take place on regular telephone. These conference call services are available 24/7 with no scheduling.

Q2. How do I subscribe to Conference Call?

A. To subscribe just call 1236

Q3. How do I unsubscribe to Conference Call?

A. To un-subscribe just calling 1236

Q4. How do I make a Conference Call?

First dial you desired number, after the call is connected press the flash button as quick as possible the flash button can be seem in the picture below

After you press the flash button the current call will be put on hold, now you can dial second person number, after the call is connected again quickly press the flash button and than press 3

In some newer telephone set the flash button is also provided as a key on keypad that key can also be use.
Q5. Can I make a nationwide Conference Call?

A. Yes you can make nationwide calls

Q6. Can I make a Conference Call to a mobile number?

A. Yes you can make a Conference call to mobile numbers

 Q7. What if I want to make a Conference Call with an international number?

A. You can also make a conference call on any mobile/landing located internationally

Q8. How many people can conference with each other in a single call?

A. Currently maximum three people can be connected to a conference call

Q9. What if I want to conference between more than three people?

A.  Maximum three people can talk with each other in a single call.

Q10. Do I have to pay any monthly charges?

A. Only Rs 25/- per Month

Q11. My friend and I have subscribed for conference call service, can we make a chain conference call of more than 3 people?

A. No. that is not possible using PTCL conference call service.

Q12. What will be tariff for the two calls I made during conference call?

A. The two calls will be charged at normal tariff.


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