Sunday, December 25, 2011


ADSL Equipment

Two groups of equipment
  •  Central Office - DSL Access Multiplexer (DSLAM), Repeaters
  • Customer Premise - DSL Modems, Gateways, Network Interface Card (NIC), splitters and filter


  • DSLAM is usually found in a Central Office
  • xDSL line cards are installed in a DSLAM to terminate incoming xDSL signals
  • The DSLAM then combines multiple xDSL access lines into one high speed line
  • The muxed traffic is converted into ATM cells which gets sent over an ATM backbone

 Generic DSL Line Card for DSLAM Applications

 DSL Modem/Gateway

  • A xDSL modem is the device found at the customer’s premise which is used to transmit & receive xDSL signals
  •  Could be an external “box” or a network interface card placed inside a computer
  •  An xDSL Gateway combines the functionality of a modem and router 

 DSL Modem Residential Gateway

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