Friday, September 23, 2011


Hello today I am going to teach you how to recover find security code for Nokia S60 v3 & 5

For this you will need
1. PC Suit
2. NSS (Download from here)
3. Data Cable

1. Download and install NSS from the link provided above.

During installation, it might ask you to select services, just select Virtual USB DEVICE

2..After installation, run NSS from desktop

3. Click on Scan for new device

4. Click on Phone Info

5. Now connect your Mobile using Data Cable and select PC Suit, As soon as you select PC Suit you have to press the Scan button, if you delay in pressing this button than you will receive an error

If everything goes fine than you should see something like this

6. Now from left side select your phone, it should have Imei written in information

7. Click on Permanent Memory (Located on Right bottom side)

8. Click on read

It will start reading the permanent memory file and will save a log file name

x:\Program Files\NSS\Backup\pm\
(path can vary depending where you installed NSS)

9. Now open this file using notepad

10. Now locate a line with the combination of alternate 3 and 000000 at the end in this file

As you can see on line 5

11. Remove all alternate 3, and 0's from end

and you will get 12345

12345 is my mobile security code. Thats all

If you still have any query about the whole procedure please comment.


  1. Gr8 I was going to hard format my mobile... You saved me... thanks a LOTTTTT

  2. i tried 12345 but it doesn't work :(
    can we do hardware reset?

    1. 12345 was the security code in my case. this might be different for you.