Monday, August 2, 2010



Today In my very first post, I am going to show you how you can use internet on your nokia N70 using your PC internet connection. I will try to describe as easy as possible with screen shots.

I have already tested this on my Nokia N70

Things you need to have

1. Bluetooth dongle

2. m-router 3 (For windows)  Download from Here

3. Gnubox (For mobile)          Download from Here
Both files are password protected, the pass is taqi

1. First make sure that your Nokia N70 and your PC are paired correctly.

2. Now download m-router 3 (Link is provided above)

3. After downloading m-router 3, you will have to unzip it

4.Now run the setup

Click on "Next"

Accept the License agreement, and click on Next

Check mark on all three options and click "Next"

Click on Install to start installing m-router 3

After the setup finish you should see this window, check mark "Launch mRouter 3.0" and click Finish

Now we have installed m-router, its time to configure it

Click on "Next"

Now turn your mobile bluetooth ON, and make sure that it is discoverable

After m-router discover your phone, it will be shown in the windows. Just like my device is listed there. Highlight your phone and press Next

You can UN-check "Automatically connect to this device when it is in range" If you dont want m-router to auto connect. Click Finish

Now we have to check if m-router is using correct COM port to connect to our phone,to check which COM port is being used to connect to your phone, open your bluetooth software

Highlight your device and click properties

Goto Services tab

As shown here, I am using COM port 8, it might be different on your PC

Now right click on m-router and click "Advanced Setting"

 Under Advanced Setting, Expand Additional COM Ports, and select your COM Port

My COM Port was 8, it is selected here, In case if you are unable to find your COM Port here than click on "View" button

We have now successfully configured m-router

Its time to configure Gnubox on N70

1. Send Gnubox to your mobile and install it

2. Make an access point and name it Bt, by going to Menu  >> Tools >> Settings >> Connection >> Access points (THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT)

After creating Access point, you will see its name, make sure it is only Bt

3. Now open Gnubox, it will look like this

1. Goto Options >> Install >> Create records

After this the Screen will look like this

2. Now exit Gnubox

3. Reopen Gnubox

This time the Screen will be like this

4. Goto Option >> 2box Bluetooth >> Serial port

Make sure your bluetooth is ON, Gnubox will search for your PC, after searching select your PC

After selecting your device it will ask for encryption. It depends on you weather you select ecryption or not

5. Goto Option >> Install >> Change default AP

6. Goto Option >> Debug >>  Bring up IF

After that you should see a message like Open Connection

Thats all..... You will now be able to use your PC internet on your mobile


If you have any  problem, than please ask here.


  1. wow after spending so much time on this topic I finally got it working thankxxxxxxx


  2. After all process when i select "Bring Up IF" there is an error "opening conn: error -1"
    Please Help Meeeee :(
    Here is my id:
    please i'll wait for your reply brother.

  3. Hi, did you follow all the steps carefully ??

    Please remove gnubox from your mobile, and delete Bt access point.

    also delete all bluetooth ports from your computer, than try again..

    It looks like you didn't select the COM port correctly.